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(78 customer reviews)

78 reviews for Neon Lights Purim Party

  1. verified customer


    A great cause, especially in these difficult times, and an easy site to use.

  2. verified customer


    This spreadsheet system is amazing! I love how easy it is. This is a wonderful service that raises money for a wonderful cause. An all-around win!

  3. verified customer


    Great user friendly site!

  4. verified customer



  5. 5

    great idea! easy to use …

  6. verified customer


    Loved the ease of the site and amazing organization! Thank you!

  7. verified customer


    Easy to use and attractive

  8. verified customer


    This is a great way to give matanot la-evyonim for Purim.

  9. 5

    An important mitzvah and a wonderful service of sending cards that honor the holiday and your worthy cause. Todah rabah!

  10. 5

    I love how you were able to personalize each Purim greeting

  11. verified customer


    thank you for amazing service

  12. verified customer


    The service provided by Carol Marcus was AWESOME. Leket Israel is a wonderful organization and deserves great support.

  13. verified customer


    A fantastic product offered by a fantastic organisation!

  14. verified customer


    Wonderful product – except for a problem downloading the demo spreadsheet

  15. verified customer


    It was even easier this year than in past years. And I’m happy to be able to support Leket.

  16. verified customer


    Much better with the excel upload.

  17. verified customer


    Great cause – so convenient!

  18. verified customer


    I don’t think I got smarter…. so I think you made the upload instructions easier this year. Thank you!

  19. verified customer



  20. verified customer


    also, Eyal has been very helpful and accommodating; Purim Sameach

  21. verified customer


    Absolutely love the idea of e-cards! This is so much more environmentally friendly and I know it will get there on time. 🙂

  22. verified customer


    Very easy process ! and a great cause.

  23. verified customer


    I uploaded an excel list, but wanted to add 2 more names & the program would not allow this.

  24. verified customer


    I don’t know how to upload my excel sheet and there’s no one home to help me. I’m sending it separately.

  25. verified customer


    I would have liked the ability to start my order and enter several emails, then save these emails on your website, and then return at a later time to add a few more emails. As it is set up now, i had to enter all 12 of my emails in the same session without being able to add later if i forgot one.

  26. verified customer


    Really great idea. We love supporting you and are happy not to waste paper!

  27. verified customer


    Great organization! Thank you for making sending mishaloach manot in such a meaningful and easy manner.

  28. verified customer


    Great card, very good process.

  29. verified customer


    Easy experience for a great cause.

  30. verified customer


    You might want to consider bi-lingual English Hebrew cards. Purim sameach.

  31. verified customer


    Easy way to send holiday greetings.

  32. verified customer


    Great Cause and great website.

  33. verified customer


    easy to use but a little slow

  34. verified customer


    Impossible to scroll down to uk on a phonev

  35. 4

    הרעיון של משלוח כרטיסי ברכה לפורים הוא נהדר – במיוחד לאנשים רחוקים. האתר היה קצת מסובך כאשר רציתי להוסיף או לחזור אחורה וכל מה שהכנסתי נמחק – וגם כשהגעתי לתשלום והחלטתי לחזור אחורה להוסיף עוד שם – האתר הוסיף תשלום חדש. חוץ מזה הכל היה בסדר.

  36. verified customer


    Thank you s o much.

  37. verified customer


    Simple and easy mitzvah!

  38. verified customer


    couldn’t go back and add more names

  39. verified customer


    Thanks so much! It’s great to send ecards for Purim. Happy Purim!

  40. verified customer


    This was fun and easy to navigate.

  41. verified customer


    Wish I could get an Excel spreadsheet now after spending about 2 hours filling out names and emails! The cards are beautiful and the concept very helpful. The organization is amazing! Purim Sameach!

  42. verified customer



  43. verified customer


    So happy to have this access, but best to do it on excel since site is so sensitive

  44. verified customer


    easy to use, great cause

  45. verified customer


    Website is much worse than in previous years

  46. verified customer


    Website is only moderately user friendly

  47. verified customer


    Great idea! I think you could charge more!

  48. verified customer


    Excellent website. Great way to send greetings. Thank you!

  49. verified customer


    Hag Sameah!

  50. verified customer


    leket is a fabulous organization and I appreciate the opportunity to support you through mishloach manot. I appreciate that you make this accessible by not charging per card. The website continues to be difficult to navigate and it took numerous attempts to upload the spreadsheet and complete the order

  51. verified customer


    A beautiful way of donating.

  52. verified customer


    Lots of options to personalize!!!

  53. verified customer


    Great idea to celebrate Purim, contact friends, and help Israel

  54. 5

    great service and a mitzvah!

  55. verified customer


    A nice way to reach out to family and friends while supporting a worthy cause.

  56. 4

    לא היה ברור שהייתי צריכה לבחור תואר כדי לשלם. חוץ מזה היה מאוד נוח.

  57. verified customer


    Such a good idea

  58. 5

    Leket Israel is a terrific organization! The e-cards are a wonderful way to give .Mishloch Manot. However, I had problems with your website. It was almost impossible to checkout. Finally I did so in Hebrew but only after I added ‘my .
    title’. If that was necessary it should have been flagged in red.

  59. verified customer


    nice card

  60. verified customer


    This is great! I don’t know how to do it with a google.doc- so it is a little slow, but I love the idea of leket israel- feeding the poor and not throwing food to the [email protected]

  61. verified customer


    this was great

  62. verified customer


    User friendly and a great tzedakah opportunity

  63. 5

    Excellent service

  64. 5

    Easy use and happy to help

  65. verified customer


    Best way to give mischloach manot and a fantastic charity

  66. 5

    Best mishloach manot to send and receive!!

  67. verified customer


    A great way to reach out to friends and support a wonderful cause at the same time!

  68. verified customer


    We love that it is so easy to remember our friends and family in Israel and elsewhere on Purim while giving to such a worthwhile organization

  69. verified customer


    Alwlays happy to donate to Leket Israel because it is such a selfless organization that does so much good.

  70. verified customer


    very good choices and clear website.

  71. verified customer


    You are my ‘go to’ Purim card source! Love the designs, love the ease of the process, and love what your organization continues to do! Kol Hakavod.

  72. verified customer


    what a brilliant idea. Such a clever, appropriate and easy mitzvah

  73. 5

    ?המפעל חשוב מאד

  74. 5


  75. verified customer


    well done!

  76. verified customer


    Took me 3 tries to do this, since your website works ONLY with MS-IE browser!

  77. verified customer


    Very attractive card, very easy ordering process.

  78. verified customer


    Great card and easy to send.

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