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2020 Printed Purim Cards


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8 reviews for 2020 Printed Purim Cards

  1. verified customer


    We love sending these out yearly!

  2. verified customer


    We send these Leket Israel cards out every year. It is an easy way to help a great expectation.

  3. verified customer



  4. verified customer


    I received a card last year and saved it just so I could order my own to send out this year. Thank you!

  5. verified customer


    Spread the word. Help the people.

  6. verified customer


    Great organization

  7. verified customer


    Leket is a wonderful organization that truly brings together many mitzvot by engaging land owners, volunteers to work on making food available, and people in need of the food.

  8. verified customer


    I love attaching these cards to my mishloach manot. I have been doing it for years. It’s a great way to fulfill the Purim mitzva of charity and also let more people know about the wonderful work that Leket does.

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