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It is not recommended to manually enter more than a few recipients. For lists longer than 5 recipients, please fill out the excel spreadsheet and upload it.
Add recipients below one at a time manually, OR all at once with an excel spreadsheet
In the event that you don't want your ecards to be sent on December 7, 2022, please set a date and time on each card manually

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  1. verified customer


    I have been doing this yearly and it does not get any easier to navigate. It takes hours to get it right with the addresses. I am not even sure the picture we uploaded is on it – there was no final product to show us. I still am happy to support this but I wish you made it easier.

  2. verified customer


    Always a pleasure

  3. verified customer


    wonderful cause and wonderful way to promote it while giving consideration to friends and family; easy site to navigate.

  4. verified customer


    Very easy to use and intuitive, thank you for offering this service

  5. verified customer


    For the time being everything seems to be working…

  6. verified customer


    I just hope this year the 5 recipients receive their eCards since in previous years there were problems…but this is a new year, full of hope !

  7. verified customer


    Keep up the good, and so important, work!

  8. verified customer


    Happy to help you help others

  9. verified customer


    Pretty graphic and easy to enter email info for the entire mishpachah! Thank you!

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