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(22 customer reviews)

22 reviews for Shana Tova Pomegranate

  1. verified customer


    Made sending Rosh Ha’Shana cards easy and green!

  2. verified customer


    Nice card

  3. verified customer


    like the e-card option

  4. 5

    I send these every year and the recipients are so glad to be giving and receiving!

  5. 5

    אני שולחת את הכרטיסים כל שנה בראש השנה ובפורים. רוצה גם כרטיסים לחג המולד.

  6. verified customer


    Wonderful idea and beautiful card

  7. verified customer


    thank you for helping to fulfilling the mitzva of helping others

  8. 5

    This is a perfect gift – no wasted paper and doing some healing.

  9. verified customer


    perfect way to share greetings with people.

  10. verified customer


    excellent way to be able to contribute to Leket and send traditional new year cards. I would like to be able to get a list of everyone I sent to after its gone because I m sure I made a mistake somewhere.

  11. verified customer


    I love that I am able to send greetings and help support a great cause

  12. verified customer


    This organization does great work in feeding the needy families in Israel

  13. 5

    Very painless experience in sending a donation to a worthy cause.

  14. verified customer


    easy to use, although I had some trouble using one of my cc when placing the order.

  15. verified customer


    Beautiful way to both send a greeting and feed the hungry. Thanks for making it so easy!

  16. verified customer


    Great way to send Shanah Tova cards. Money goes to a good charity!

  17. verified customer


    Pretty card. Much easier to do than last year.

  18. verified customer


    Difficult to edit; ie; if I want to edit recipient #2, the name of recipient #1 comes up. Also, entire screen cannot be seen with larger font. Small font extremely light.

  19. verified customer


    an easy and charitable way to send wishes (and promote Leket)

  20. verified customer


    I so happy to see all the additional ecard choices that are now available. I’m also relieved that the site no longer ‘times out’ after 18 or 20 minutes, which was extremely stressful for me. Another improvement I’d love to see is a list of the recipients (email address not necessary) attached to the email receipt just to make sure I haven’t left anyone off my list(s). Just a suggestion.

  21. 5

    Wonderful idea and easy to use

  22. verified customer



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