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It is not recommended to manually enter more than a few recipients. For lists longer than 5 recipients, please fill out the excel spreadsheet and upload it.
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In the event that you don't want your ecards to be sent on December 7, 2022, please set a date and time on each card manually

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  1. verified customer


    Easy Peazy. Didn’t waste any trees or leave a carbon footprint. Only a digital footprint.

  2. verified customer


    So easy to send and a great cause!

  3. verified customer


    Such a nice idea and cute card. Will make my friends feel special that I’m thinking of them!

  4. 5

    works just great!

  5. verified customer


    A meaningful way to send holiday greetings far and wide.

  6. verified customer


    very artistic.

  7. verified customer


    Thank you!

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