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  1. verified customer


    A fantastic way to do a mitzvah!

  2. 5


  3. verified customer



  4. verified customer


    Happy to support this organization

  5. verified customer


    The best way to celebrate Purim

  6. verified customer


    This is a great Idea

  7. verified customer


    There were a few glitches in the processing online, but overall glad to be able to support Leket while sending Purim greetings! For next year, I’d love to see a Hebrew-language card option (even for English speakers). Thank you for the great work you do!

  8. verified customer


    Annual Purim card email is excellent and appreciated by all our friends and family who receive it.

  9. verified customer


    I really like the colour & it conveys the message of a Happy Purim

  10. verified customer


    Eyal, thanks again for your great help!
    Purim Sameach!

  11. verified customer


    I actually would prefer you not to have a set price for this service but allow each donor to decide what to give.

  12. 5

    great product

  13. 5

    Excellent idea and I am pleased to help the less fortunate in Israel please keep up the good work

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